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Little Panthers: Black & Beautiful


Little Panthers is BAA’s special adoption campaign for black cats. We love all the dark and beautiful kitties in our care, and we know you will, too!

Unfortunately, black cats (and dogs) are less likely to be adopted. Despite being part of the sweet and affectionate tabby family, black cats spend more time waiting for a forever home, and are at higher risk for euthanasia in kill shelters. This phenomenon is known as Black Cat Syndrome. Some possible reasons for Black Cat Syndrome include:

  • The “genericness” of black pets: Some folks think black animals aren’t as cute. We couldn’t disagree more, and we bet our kitties below will dispel this myth.
  • Unclear facial features: Black animals sometimes don’t photograph as well, although with our wonderful photography volunteers, you’d never know it.
  • Negative portrayals of black pets in books, movies and other popular media: Black cats are sometimes associated with witches, superstition, and bad luck, although they’re considered good luck in England and by ship captains.

BAA knows that black kitties are just as cute, cuddly, and loving as any other adoptable animal – and we have lots of furry evidence below. (Plus, as a bonus for our NYC adopters: you don’t have to worry about these kitties’ fur being visible on your chic black clothes!) We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know our Little Panthers – they certainly can’t wait to meet you!

Big Boy Bear, The Gentle Giant

Big Boy Bear_1

Though he may look rough and tough, once you learn Big Boy Bear’s story, you’ll realize two things. One, he had a hard time living on the mean streets of Brooklyn; and two, he hasn’t let that hard time harden him. Seriously, don’t let his appearances fool you. This loving boy is as sweet and gentle as they come.

If you’d like to meet Bear, the gentle giant, contact Tara Green at

Awesome Abby!!

Awesome AbbyAbby is a young Bombay beauty who has come a very long way since being rescued a few months ago in Midwood.

This awesome girl is always positive, playful and active. She is an independent cat, but appreciates both humans and other felines. Being about 10 months old, she would make a good companion to you, your kitten or an adult cat.

Abby would benefit from a little more socialization but is very friendly and ready for a new loving home!

If you would like to schedule a playdate with Abby, contact Gregory at You can also click here for more info, pictures and a video!



Butters, the Bombay Beauty!

buttersMeet Butters, a beautiful Bombay girl who was rescued from the streets of Brooklyn, where she had been living amongst a colony of feral cats. But this girl isn’t feral in the slightest. Instead, she belongs indoors, where life is good and she can get pets aplenty—which she adores.

It was clear from the start that Butters isn’t feral because of how sweet and affectionate she is with humans. She craves their touch and will start purring the instant the petting starts, and her purr is so deep and lovely, too! She’s an all-around perfect companion with so much affection to share. Butter is spayed, tested negative for FeLV/FIV, and is up to date on vaccines.

If you’d like to meet her or schedule a playdate, contact Tara Green at! You can also click here more more info and pictures.

Bam Bam and Pebbles, Goofy & Adorable

Just look at these bright-eyed, goofy, adorable babies! These two sisters, currently known as Bam Bam and Pebbles, were rescued from a Staten Island backyard when a Good Samaritan found them and knew they couldn’t remain outdoors. A Brooklyn Animal Action foster took them in, and now they’re in their foster home waiting for the just-right forever family to adopt them.

These girls are so sweet and playful, they’ll make a perfect addition to any family, big or small. Their favorite way to spend a day is cuddling with their humans and with one another. Obviously, they’re bonded as can be, and they must go to their new home as a perfect pair.

Bam Bam and Pebbles tested negative for FeLV/FIV and are up to date on vaccines. They will be spayed when they’re old enough.

If you’d like to meet these wonderful babies, contact Tara at!

4 AMazingly Gorgeous Bombay Mix Kittens

These 4 gorgeous kittens are such a pleasure to look at. Sleek, sweet and loving, they are all beautiful and are all almost identical. All are jet black, some are slightly shyer than others but all love to be held and cuddled. These kittens are too young to go to a home alone and need to go to a home with either another cat or with one of her siblings or another kitten.

These amazing girls were all on the euthanasia list at Animal Care and Control and would have been killed had we not pulled them off and gave them a second chance. They just needed a little TLC and came around quickly to love. All are spayed, tested negative for fiv/felv, microchipped, up-to-date on their vaccines and ready for wonderful homes.

If you would like to meet these beauties, please contact

Rascal and Bruce, Precious Polydactyl & Black Tabby

Rascal (black polydactyl female) and Bruce (beautiful grey striped and black tabby male) are two siblings rescued from Sunset Park, along with 3 of their other siblings, when they were only 4 weeks old. Their mama had just given birth to them up on a high ledge and the location was quite dangerous, so a few concerned cat-lovers climbed the ledge to rescue them all!

Now at the perfect age for adoption, Rascal and Bruce are as social as can be, since they’ve been with humans for most of their little lives. They’re super playful, too, full of energy and adventure. When they’re not curled up with their humans, they’re snuggling each other, which means they need to be adopted together. Just look at them! It’s clear they’re bonded babies.

Rascal and Bruce tested negative for FeLV/FIV and are up to date on vaccines. They’ll be spayed/neutered when they’re old enough.

If you’d like to meet these perfect siblings contact Tara at!

Chloe, Sleek and Super-Sweet

Beautiful, sleek, 4-month-old Chloe was abandoned in a box on a Bay Ridge stoop. We don’t know how anyone could be so heartless, especially with such a stunning sweetheart who couldn’t possibly be more endearing. Fortunately, Chloe was taken in and now she’s in a foster home, waiting to meet for her forever people.

Chloe’s foster describes her as very playful and frisky—curious, affectionate, and friendly. She loves attention, people, and morning-time cuddles. One look into Chloe’s big eyes and you can’t help but fall in love. She is full of personality, and she’s soft as silk. We think Chloe would do well with another young, energetic feline to play, play, play with.

Chloe has had her first vaccines (the rest to follow) ad tested negative for FeLV/FIV. She will soon be spayed.

If you’d like to meet her, Chloe would love to meet you, too! To schedule a playdate, contact Tara at!

Lilou ‘La Parisienne’

Lilou is a 7 year old stunning black female cat who recently moved from Paris to NY. She is a very friendly, smart and funny girl who loves being near her human companions and playing with other cats. She likes to sleep near you at night and lay by you during the day. Lilou loves cardboard boxes, dangling strings, a ball of foil, or even a lego – you don’t need to buy expensive toys for her, she has fun with everything! She is extremely energetic and it would be best for Lilou to have other cat friends to play with or someone who can spend a lot of time with her. A household with a lot going on would suit her personality well.

Lilou’s current owners are unable to provide her with the attention she desires. This has lead to an issue with Lilou being disruptive in the evenings. An environment where she would have lots of stimulation throughout the day would work best to alleviate this problem.

Lilou was found outside pregnant on the streets of Paris in April 2012, but her pregnancy was aborted and she was spayed. She is healthy, vaccinated and FIV / FeLV negative.

If you have questions about Lilou, or would like to schedule a time to meet her, please email Belinda at

Spunk the Sweetest Survivor

You’d never recognize Spunk today if you first saw him when we did 6 weeks ago in East New York. Back then, Spunk was dragging his hind legs behind him after most likely being hit by a car. After we scooped him up and rushed him to the vet, we learned he had a small vertebra fracture, and he needed the next 6 weeks of cage rest in order to heal.

Fortunately, we got to this amazing, intelligent, gorgeously sleek, and loving cat just in time, because now that he’s had a chance to heal, he runs, climbs, and plays without showing any signs of injury at all!

Spunk is amazingly sweet and affectionate with humans, but he does not prefer the company of other felines, instead hoping to become your one and only. Because Spunk is currently being fostered with many other cats, we are hoping to find him a home (or a foster!) without other cats, so that Spunk can feel comfortable and receive the one-on-one attention he craves—and deserves.

Spunk is neutered, FeLV/FIV negative, and up to date on vaccines. If you’d like to see if Spunk is the perfect feline friend for you, contact Tara at!

Billy & Bones, Bonded Bombay-Mix Bros

Some cats are lucky enough to be given all the love and care they deserve from the start. Others, like these two beautiful Bombay-mix brothers Billy and Bones, don’t get to enjoy the same luck. When they were just innocent little kittens, Billy and Bones were brought to the entrance of a Brooklyn subway station on a cold, windy day, and abandoned there. Fortunately, an old woman who saw them sitting there—freezing, hungry, frightened—didn’t have the heart to pass them by. She picked Billy and Bones up and brought them straight to a local “cat lady,” who reached out to Brooklyn Animal Action, and that’s when Billy and Bones’ luck changed for the better.

The two bonded brothers are now living with a foster family in South Brooklyn, where they enjoy playing and cuddling, and have as much affection for their foster mama as they do for each other. They are the most delightful, sleek boys! Because they are bonded, always curled up around one another when they sleep or going on adventures together, we would love to see them be adopted to one loving forever home.

Billy and Bones are about 7 months old, FeLV/FIV negative, neutered, and up to date on their vaccines. If you’d like to meet these two handsome Bombay brothers, contact Gregory at!

Thank you for thinking of animals in need – your support allows us to help the next furry sweetheart!

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