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baby pigeonFound Baby or Injured Birds

What should you do if you find a baby or injured bird or animal in your neighborhood? Here is some information from wildlife experts, and links to organizations that may be able to help.

Emergency Resources

*If you are experiencing domestic violence and are worried about your pet, please reach out to the Urban Resource Institute’s People and Animals Living Safely (URIPALS) program for resources that may be able to help.

* If you are concerned about renting with a pet, please take a look at these tips from Animal Sheltering: Pets Are Welcome. They will help you learn more about avoiding and resolving potential conflicts with neighbors and landlords peacefully.

*If you are worried about a “no-pets” clause in an apartment lease, please consult this guide: Keeping Your Pet in a NYC Apartment. It contains information about your options, including using the Pet Law to your advantage. (The “Pet Law” states that any resident who openly keeps an animal in their apartment for 3 months or longer is entitled to keep that pet. Please consult the guide for more information.)

*If you are a senior who needs help with pet care:  For those based in Queens – contact the Sunnyside Community Services Pet Pals program (designed for home-bound seniors) to receive help with basic pet needs such as buying pet food, walking your pet, or grooming.

Rehoming an Animal

If you need to find a home for an animal, we encourage you to visit our Rehoming page. If you would like to post your animal in our adoption listings, please visit our Contact page for instructions. Below is a list of shelters, rescue organizations, and sanctuaries.cosmo+kismet

Find Pet-Friendly Housing

Zillow New York pet-friendly page with over 18,000 pet-friendly listings with fair rental price estimates

Trulia pet-friendly New York apartments page with over 14,000 listings with pet-friendly filters and in-depth neighborhood information

Hotpads New York apartments page with over 29,000 listings with pet-friendly filters, in-depth photos, information and unique features such as street view of each property

Below is a list of local and emergency vet care, and resources for low-income pet guardians.

  • The Toby Project Mobile vans, free or low-cost spay/neuter and vaccination for low income pet owners. Tel. (212) 799-1120
  • ASPCA Mobile vans, free spay/neuter and vaccination for low income pet owners Tel. (877) SPAY-NYC
  • Muffins Pet Connection Teamed with area vets to offer low-cost spay/neuter 9728-3rd Ave. B125 Brooklyn, NY 11209-7742 (718) 833-7988
  • Ferals in Peril Spay/neuter clinic for TNR/ferals in Bath Beach, administered by The Toby Project. Tel. (347) 816-2899


ASPCA Position Statement on Declawing

Declawing is good for veterinarians but bad for cats

Pet Pharmacy

1800PetMeds – America’s Largest Pet Pharmacy®


Bodega Cats

There are thousands of cats in NYC living in local delis, or bodegas. Some are loved and cherished, and some aren’t. If you are concerned about a cat at your local bodega, we encourage you to read our blog post on the topic, and consider handing out our bodega cat flyer to the store owners – it is tailored for them and provides friendly cat care advice. If you suspect abuse or neglect, please email

Outdoor Shelters

Alley Cat Allies has compiled a list of outdoor shelters for feral cats:

Several types of shelters are available for purchase, and Alley Cats has rated the advantages and drawbacks of each option.

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Dog Walking or Cat Sitting from Prospect Bark

prospect barkProspect Bark is a professional dog walking and cat sitting agency. Contact them to learn more.

Pet Sitting Services from Katie’s Kitty


Katie’s Kitty is a professional pet sitting agency celebrating their 19th year in business.
They cater to pet owners in all five NYC boroughs and Jersey City/Hoboken.

Dog Walking or Cat Sitting from The Dog Walking Network

The Dog Walking Network is a professional dog walking and cat sitting agency. Contact them to learn more.’s Dog Matching System

Help Save Dogs From

Use the’s dog matching
to find your compatible dog breeds
Brooklyn Animal Action is a verified shelter of the community and supports its awareness program

Thinking about adopting a dog? Find out which breed best matches your personality and lifestyle with the Dog Matching System on, a website dedicated to reducing dog abandonment and shelter intake rates by helping adopters find the best canine match. BAA is listed in the site’s directory of rescues and shelters, so you can browse our adoptable dogs and find the perfect pooch for you!


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