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FIV+ Cats: Positively Adoptable!


BAA loves all of the FIV+ kitties in our care — and we know you will, too! There is a false notion that cats who test positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV+) require special care — but they are no more demanding than your average kitty. FIV+ cats do have a weakened immune system, which means they should stay inside, be fed a high-quality diet, and get routine vet checkups – as all cats should.

They can safely live with non-infected cats as long as the kitties are spayed/neutered and don’t fight (FIV is only transmitted through sex or deep bite wounds, so hissing or minor spats are nothing to worry about).  In other words, FIV+ kitties do not need special treatment, and they make wonderful companions. They are Positively Adoptable!

Read more about FIV+ cats at here, and please email to find out which FIV+ cats might be a great fit for you!

Violet the Cat Comedian!

Meet Violet, a stunning and petite heart-stealer! She is a bundle of playful energy, turning any ordinary item around the house into a toy for her entertainment – and yours too! Whether it’s watching her excitedly chase a laser pointer, play a game of soccer with a vitamin bottle that fell to the floor, or fight a trickle of water from the sink, you’ll fall in love with that mischievous glint in her eyes and be endlessly amused by her antics. See more videos of Violet in action at these links: and

This precious and precocious kitty was found out on the street in Marine Park, Brooklyn and is a little shy with people. Even so, she is a total sweetheart who is content to curl up and “make biscuits” to her heart’s content while lying around with you.

Violet has been spayed is up-to-date on her shots, and tested FeLV- and FIV+ (which simply means she needs to live indoors and be on a healthy diet). She will be a great addition to your family and is just waiting for the right home. See Violet’s full listing here.

To meet beautiful Violet, please contact Claire at or call eves/weekends at 718-455-5711.

Beautiful Blackie!


Meet Blackie, one of the coolest and most relaxed cats in the world. He’s got a gorgeous black coat with an adorable white-tipped tail, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. He’s incredibly loving and interactive with people — he likes to rub against your legs, and will head butt your hand for extra attention. He’s also very vocal and will communicate with you when you talk to him. It’s hard to believe that Blackie was out on the street until he was rescued recently, because he absolutely loves human companionship and blossoms around people.

In addition to loving his people, this guy seriously loves lounging on a soft comfy bed all his own with a snuggly kitty blankie. He also loves his toys — some of his favorites are cat dancers, stuffed mice, and rolling balls. It will warm your heart this cold winter to watch him and all his playfulness, and then get rewarded with snuggles and purrs.

Blackie is up-to-date on all his shots, has been neutered, tested negative for FeLV but positive for FIV (which just means that he has to be an indoor cat, eat a high-quality diet, and go to the vet regularly — which is what should happen for all cats anyway). See Blackie’s full listing here.

If you would like to meet Blackie, please contact Belinda at

Ollie, the Gentle, Great Ginger!

Meet Ollie, the fawn colored tabby who will win your heart over with his sweet meows, loud purrs, and headbutts for more pets! Brooklyn Animal Action rescuer Tara was walking down Grand Street in Clinton Hill when suddenly a handsome fawn-colored tabby began to follow her, meowing so sweetly and hopefully. When Tara bent down to pet him, she saw that he was friendly and desperate for a human to make him feel safe, so of course she took him home with her!

Ollie was clearly abandoned, because of how affectionate he is. Because he’s been on the streets, where not everyone is friendly, he needs a moment or two during which you prove he can trust you. Once you earn that trust, you won’t regret it. Ollie’s incredible nature is a huge reward!

Ollie is neutered and up to date with vaccines. He tested negative for FeLV and positive for FIV—which simply means he needs to stay indoors, eat high quality food, and see the vet yearly, which all cats should. See Ollie’s full listing here.

If you would like to meet Ollie, please contact Tara Green at

Madison the Magnificent!

Meet Madison the Magnificent! Two years ago, this lovely calico was adopted from us. Now, very unfortunately, she needs to be returned and rehomed because of a grandchild’s allergies. It’s a situation no one could predict, and Madison’s current family is so heartbroken. It’s important to all involved that Madison finds an amazing, new home to call her own!

A sweet, affectionate girl with a perfect pink nose, Madison purrs like it’s going out of style, especially during a petting session. This sweetheart simply adores being petted. She’s as beautiful inside as she is on the outside—and that’s stunning—and would make the ideal companion for anyone.

Madison is spayed and up to date on vaccines. She is FeLV negative and FIV positive—which simply means she must stay indoors, eat a high quality diet, and see a vet once a year, as all cats should, in order to lead a happy, healthy, and full life. You can see her full listing here.

If you would like to meet Madison, please contact Tara Green at

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