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FIV+ Cats: Positively Adoptable!


BAA loves all of the FIV+ kitties in our care — and we know you will, too! There is a false notion that cats who test positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV+) require special care — but they are no more demanding than your average kitty. FIV+ cats do have a weakened immune system, which means they should stay inside, be fed a high-quality diet, and get routine vet checkups – as all cats should.

They can safely live with non-infected cats as long as the kitties are spayed/neutered and don’t fight (FIV is only transmitted through sex or deep bite wounds, so hissing or minor spats are nothing to worry about). Read more about a veterinary study proving FIV+ cats can safely live with uninfected cats here. In other words, FIV+ kitties do not need special treatment, and they make wonderful companions. They are Positively Adoptable!

Read more about FIV+ cats at here, and please email to find out which FIV+ cats might be a great fit for you!

A former outdoor cat, Whiskers is one special senior. Our vet estimates he’s about 10 years old, but given the life he’s lived, he might actually be younger. After being rescued in rough condition, Whiskers has determinedly fought his way back to good health, and developed an incredible bond with his rescuer, and then again with his foster family. He would absolutely be an amazing companion for his future adopter, and would be happy as a single cat, or as the step-brother to another feline.

Whisker’s rescuer, who fostered him and nursed him back to health, writes:

“I found little Whiskers in front of my house—hungry and in very bad condition. He wouldn’t have survived in the streets had he been left out any longer; we believe that he was abandoned by his owners, and most likely was neglected under their care, too.

When I saw that he trusted me enough to eat out of my hands, I knew I had to take him in. After getting him cleaned and treated, we were able to bring him back to health. While he was nervous at first, I soon learned he was as gentle and sweet as could be. He’s the easiest cat I’ve ever had to treat, and enjoyed when I pet or brush him so much he’d sometimes fall asleep while I did so! He likes to relax, and relaxes best when he’s listening to the sound of your voice.

Whiskers has FIV, which simply means he has a more vulnerable immune system than more cats and should be in a stress-free environment. My schedule with school and work doesn’t allow me to spend enough time with him—but I care greatly for this sweet, special cat, and I believe he deserves a second chance in a happy environment with people who will love and care for him properly!”

Whiskers is neutered, fully vetted, and healthy. He’s FeLV negative and, as mentioned, FIV positive, which simply means he needs regular vet visits and should be indoors only—which is true for all cats.

If you’d like to meet this very special senior survivor, contact Gregory at!

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