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yoshi on comp Brooklyn Animal Action is a rescue organization that coordinates private foster homes and adoptions using online adoption listings. If you rescued an animal or need to surrender your pet, please note that we are NOT a shelter. If you can house your animal until we find another home, we are happy to post him or her in our adoption listings. If you cannot house the animal, we will direct you to the resources below.

If You CANNOT Temporarily House the Animal

Please visit the links below to find local shelters, low-cost veterinary care, and tips on rehoming an animal.

CAUTION: DO NOT POST “FREE TO A GOOD HOME” ADS – Animals given to strangers for free often end up in cruel, abusive hands. If you are adopting out the animal yourself, ALWAYS require an adoption fee, and ask the adopter as many questions as possible about their experience with animal care. Contact us if you need advice or have questions.

If You CAN Temporarily House the Animal

We are happy to post animals in our adoption listings if you can house them until we find another home. We suggest a $25 donation to support our rescue work. In order to post, we need the following information about your animal:

  1. Medical information: Generally, we require all animals in our listings to be fully vetted, i.e., up to date on shots, spayed/neutered (if old enough), and tested for FIV/FeLV. If you are unable to afford the cost of vet care, we can discuss options with you.
  2. Personality information: Please provide as much detail as possible, i.e., cute quirks, favorite way to be petted, do they like to snuggle, are they chatty, do they follow you around, favorite toy, etc. You never know what tiny detail will touch a potential adopter’s heart!
  3. Clear photos: Please provide at least 4 clear, cute photos including at least one in which they’re looking at the camera. The photos are make or break for adoption listings, so try to make them good!
  4. Short video (optional, strongly recommended): If possible, send a short video in which they’re playing, snuggling, being petted, audibly purring, etc. Potential adopters love these!

Once we receive this information, we can put up an adoption listing for your animal. All interested applicants are thoroughly screened to ensure a safe and loving home. Please understand that while our adoption listings do have a high success rate, having your animal posted is not a guarantee that he or she will find a home. The longer you can temporarily house the animal, the higher the success rate.

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You can contact us via the form below, email, or call 877-41-KITTY.

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