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Silver Whiskers: Our Wisest Cats

old birthday cat

Silver Whiskers is BAA’s special adoption campaign for older kitties. If you’re in the market for a mellow feline, these are the sweetest, calmest cats around!

BAA believes older kitties are the best! Here’s why:

  1. Older cats have settled into sweet, mushy personalities – what you see is what you get!
  2. Many adopters describe older cats as offering a deeply grateful kind of love — these kitties have seen enough in their lives to recognize a good home when they finally find it!
  3. Older cats are litterbox trained and require less energetic interaction than kittens and teenage cats, making them great for senior adopters. Be sure to visit our page on the benefits of pets for seniors!
  4. Remember, cats often live very long lives – some of our adopters have reported their cats living up to 22 years of age. Adopting an older cat does not mean that you won’t have many years of love and friendship!

Read more about the benefits of adopting a senior kitty here and please contact to find out which Silver Whisker kitties would be a great match for you!

Unusual White Maine Coon Mix Pigean

Sweet, low-key Maine Coon mix Pigean is looking for a new home. Her current owner’s husband has allergies, so she unfortunately needs to find a new loving family.

She’s a pleasant and chilled out personality, so if you’re looking for a mellow older cat this adorable white puffball might just be the right fit for you! She is FIV/FeLV negative, neutered, and up-to-date on her shots. She currently has bladder stones, but all that means is that she has to be on a special diet.

If you’re interested in meeting Pigean, please contact Belinda at

Danger Mouse! Gorgeous, Stunning Sweetie!

Danger Mouse is a gorgeous kitty who adores snuggles, petting and love! She loves being around people and snuggling close. DM is also very adventurous for her age! She likes to climb ladders. And she knows she’s pretty – she enjoys looking at herself in the mirror. What an incredibly loving, sweet girl!

DM had a good life with her person and her cat buddy – until her buddy died and her person decided to give her away. Always shocked when people do this, but we see it all the time. It wasn’t DM’s fault! She spent months at a cage at the vet’s – hardly the place for an older lady. Now she’s in a foster home and getting some of the love she missed. But she really deserves to be spoiled rotten in a permanent home.

Danger Mouse seems to prefer being the queen of the castle and would be happy as an only kitty. She’s fully vetted and in good health, other the kinds of minor ailments that come with being a bit older.  Won’t you consider welcoming her into your home so you both can cuddle?

If you would like to meet this pretty lady, please contact Belinda, at


Gorgeous Grandma Needs Forever Foster

Earlier this year, in the dead of freezing cold winter, sweet Grandma was rescued from Bay Ridge. Since she was a senior cat forced to get by in bitter, snowy weather, Grandma was in rough shape—but we got her all the help she needed to recover. Now that she’s back on her paws, she’s looking for a home of her own. Don’t you think she deserves one?

Grandma is a gentle senior citizen who will take a little time to adjust to new surroundings, but once she has, she’ll prove that she’s got good, old-fashioned manners—making her a perfectly polite houseguest. Of course she enjoys sleeping, eating, being beautiful, and providing calm, kind company for her human pals, too.

Grandma is most likely 12 years or older, spayed, current on vaccines, and completely healthy—she tested negative for felv/FIV. Because Grandma’s such a special case, we’re looking for a long-term foster home for her to live out her remaining years in the comfort and coziness she deserves, bringing fluffy joy to whatever kind soul takes her in.

If you can give Grandma a place to call her own, please contact Tara Green at!

Lovely Ava

Ava is a sweet and loving 10 year-old female cat.  She loves to be on your lap or sleeping next to you.  If you want a kitty that will greet you at the door when you come home and loves to purr – then give Ava a chance! Playing with plastic bags and boxes, lying on magazines and hanging in the bathroom sink are some of her favorite activities.  She has been mostly an only cat but has lived with another cat in the past and they got along. However, Ava would do best not living in a home with large dogs or young children.

Check out a couple videos of Ava here:

Ava is spayed, micro-chipped, up to date on vaccinations, FeLV and FIV negative and generally a healthy cat.  She does take a thyroid medication 2x a day without any problems and her current owner would be willing to help pay for her medication for the next year.

To schedule a play date with sweet Ava, please contact Belinda, at

Mellow and Sweet Loveme

Loveme is an extremely sweet, loving and quiet senior cat. She spends most of her time napping or getting love and affection from her humans. Her favorite place to sleep is right next to you in bed but don’t let her age and sweet nature fool you, she still loves to play every now and again! She would be an excellent match for a low-key household looking for a mellow, gentle companion.

Loveme was rescued at 6 months old and has been with the same family ever since, but because of a family member with severe allergies, they can no longer keep her. An immediate foster is needed for Loveme.

Loveme is healthy and ready for her new family.

If you have questions about Loveme or would like to schedule a time to meet her, please email Belinda at

Sweet and Friendly Kitty

Kitty is a fun and friendly 12 year old female tabby. She may be a little older but you would never know it! Kitty is a people cat and would thrive in a home where her owners are home often and can give her lots of love and attention. She will meow to say hello and to remind you to give her cuddles. Her favorite toy is the cat dancer and she loves having her neck scratched while she eats.

Kitty has been an indoor cat most of her life. Because of recent changes in schedules and lifestyle, her current owners are unable to give her the attention she needs. She has gotten along with a cat in the past, but she would most likely do best as an only pet.

Kitty is healthy, vaccinated, spayed, FIV / FeLV negative and microchipped.

If you have questions about Kitty, or would like to schedule a time to meet her, please email Belinda at

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